Quantum Learning From Rags To Riches


Secret societies:

Let me start by saying people who have this knowledge have lived happy and fulfilled lives. If someone has something you want you should learn from them but only then. When you know which information to use and which one is trash. You will see how simple and easy it is to make your dreams a reality. Leaders are always readers. Not all readers are leaders though. You need properly guided information which is what ultimately separates the two. If you ever see a vicious reader ask yourself could they be a society member? So what is a society member? Well there are many secret societies out there basically a society within a society that happens to know a specific source of knowledge. Andrew Carnegie started U.S. Steel and Henry Ford who started Ford Motor Company were part of the Brotherhood. When Andrew Carnegie spoke out about the Brotherhood this was information they have never attempted to share with anyone outside the secret societies. Henry Ford went crazy and was outraged Andrew would do such a thing. To give you perspective many of the society members believed the art of making your dreams come true was in genetics. To an extent that is true. Which is why they always married other people who were also in societies. Your body does have to have a certain vibration in order to attract to that of which you want. You don’t need intelligence you don’t need to be a good person. If you wait for those then you will never attain your dreams.


Let me say superstition comes from a place of fear. When you don’t know the full details the brain likes to fill in the void with instant gratification. A lot of people believe these secret societies do mystical and satanic rituals.

When In A Society:

When in a society people learn from seminars and some lectures but a lot is taught from books. In todays world not many people read. So they keep working all their lives. The American school system is actually having lower literacy throughout the years. The elite class will keep the information to themselves which in effect reduces competition. When the masses are illiterate business is as usual. Knowledge that comes from reading is very different to when it comes from any other method.

What Are The Qualifications To Being A Member?:

Rule number one is.. Are you teachable? If you’re not then you disqualify yourself and the masters will wait until you do become teachable. The first thing they’re taught isn’t if they are great teachers or great people but do they know how little they know? Do they know how dumb they are? Do they know that they don’t know what they don’t know? With all information if you trust your source you must follow it without challenging it. But question it until understanding until you know why its true. Not to blindly follow the information. You must stay teachable. If there is anything you learn from this today is that you must stay teachable. With this concept you will be better off than the rest, you will be happier more successful and get to your dreams faster than you ever imagined. You must consider this concept all the time because you are never going to get it. You’re always getting it.

How To Measure Your Teachability Index?:

There are two variables. Number one is what is your ability to learn? On a scale from 1-10 How high is your willingness to learn? You need to have a high teachability index otherwise you’re wasting your time. You measure the scale of your willingness to learn and thats what are you willing to give up? The next variable is what is your willingness to accept change? If you’re not happy to where you’re right now. You have patterns. You do things a certain way. You have fought a certain way. What is your willingness to change by how you look at things, how you feels about things, how you think about things, and some of the things you do. If your willingness to learn is 10 but your willingness to accept change is 0 then 10 x 0 is 0. You have a zero teachability index. Those with the highest basically say I will do whatever it takes. Whatever you say I’ll do. This becomes your obsession. 10 x 10 becomes 100 on the teachability index. If you want things in your life to change you have to change things in your life. If you do the same thing over an over again and expect different results you are a insane person.

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