5 Pro Tips When Entering Entrepreneurship

5 Pro Tips When Entering the Journey of an Entrepreneur. Preparation is Key to Success.
1 Entrepreneurial Systems aren’t perfect: Its emotional, and hard like any entrepreneurial adventure. It has its ups and downs. The secret is to keep moving forward stay persistent.
2 If you’re going to do it: Decide to be professional, treat it like a business. Don’t just stick your toe in the water like an amateur. Be committed. You convert based upon your value.
3 As any Professional: You will have to learn some new skills and they’re not difficult to learn. They’re simple skills and 99% of your success comes from all your efforts on mindset, your thoughts.
4 Like Everything worth while: It take time. Be patiently aggressive. Execute when needed. What is your willingness to learn? And what is your willingness to accept change? You’re going to have to sacrifice things you love to do like an hour or two of your favorite tv show.
5 Its Worth it: What happens is you start to take charge of your life, and your financial situation. You will meet new people and have new experiences. You will be able to contribute to causes. You will touch lives, you will help customers. And develop new meaningful friendships.
Heres your first goal: To know what a goal is and your goal is always the one in front of you, not your overall destination.
*Keep in mind most people are looking for this opportunity just like I was and you.
There’s a Catch…
Most people still don’t understand it. Most people are not money conscious. Theres a loss of social esteem from ignorant people, you know the uneducated.
Good news though! If you can handle what other people will think of you, then you’re unstoppable. You have already won before you began. Believing is 1/2 of the battle, the other 1/2 is the work. You can become a successful entrepreneur. If your WHY is big enough then you will endure the journey of an entrepreneur. “Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible; and your desire has to be definite” from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
HOW doesn’t matter..
You might ask How can you this? You have no money? The How isn’t as important, it doesn’t matter. The thing is you never get to pick How. And even if you do it won’t be what you picked. Have a big WHY thats 99% of your success and the How will fall into place. When you feel like things are falling apart they’re actually falling into place.
You have to change your inner world to change your outer world. Expecting your world to change when you haven’t changed is by definition an insane person.
Like a farmer “reaps that which he sows” Every book, song, movie, event, and friend that you feed your mind. Is a seed that with time you will surely enjoy its harvest.
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