Whats up guys! My name is Ricky Belmontes I am the creator of Edgy Empyre. First of all I want to thank you for checking out this amazing hub I call the Ethoshere. I call it that because I wanted to develop a central training ground for beginners as well as experts to further their success in life.

Ethos comes from the latin woimg_0667rd nature. So I really wanted to cultivate a universal hub that will plant the appropriate seeds the mind needs to grow in the direcion of higher learning. Help you slowly leave your 9-5 job for your dreams. Theres a million ways to a million dollars.

I realize we all learn at different rates with different learning styles. So everything may not be to your taste. But my plan is that by spending time here getting the appropriate nutrients something will click, spark an idea, or you will have an aha moment and thats what I aim for. Like everything take it with a grain of salt. Take what you like and leave the rest or share it with a friend. The reason I went with Edgy Empyre and not my name was I wanted to step away from a personal brand about me. I wanted to create a community of like minded people essentially finding our tribe.

A little about me… I grew up poor always dreaming big. Moved out of my parents house to experience life for the first time and pursue my dreams as an actor. I never found the time or money to keep going to auditions without having to lose a day of work or a few meals a week. Hustled for a year to get the appropriate hours I needed and even then my body couldn’t take the load. I got sick for 3 days for stressing my body too much. That month was when I had 2 jobs and only 2 days off from work. I felt I was running in a conveyor belt advancing nowhere anytime soon and felt there was a better way out there. A better way to gain time and money doing the things I love to do without having to sacrifice my life.

I no longer wanted to work for someone else and miss out important holidays, family time, and me time. And the chance to pursue my dreams. We live in America the land of opportunities. And now with the internet the world of opportunities. I kept seeing more and more people approach this way of life. Kids making millions on Youtube, people being able to travel the world, normal people becoming Instafamous making money. I thought if they could do it I could too. So the idea of Edgy Empyre was born to guide anyone who was willing to make a change in their life to become more successful and share their gift with the world.

I appreciate you all. I will see you on the other side,

Edgy Empyre